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The Design Build Method

IMARK Builders Inc. maintains the belief that the quality and progress of a project, along with its costs and completion dates, can be controlled within a single organization.  This is what is known in the industry as the Design Build Method. IMARK is a design build contractor, and as such, we accept the responsibility for all of these factors and assume the title of design-builder.

Is Design Build for You?

Design Build is ideal for the client who wants to interact exclusively with a single responsible organization.  The ability to select your architectural design and at any point in time consult on an idea; provides you with the reassurance that you are in control of the cost and scheduling.

As you narrate your vision on paper we identify the level of quality you expect so that we may surpass it as we turn that vision into a reality.  Make IMARK your design build firm and we will help put your visions to work.

Peace of Mind

Placing your trust in IMARK as your design-builder will give you peace of mind, knowing that your design is in the hands of seasoned project managers, who can balance an excellent design with an impeccable value.

Design Build Construction

This diagram is a representation of the design build method versus the traditional build method. As you can see the design-build method allows you to jump into the fast lane and set your cruise.  As we apply for the permits and work to finalize the drawings, the foundations can be set and poured and you can take your time designing an interior to your specifications.

There are a few points the diagram cannot show you that we would like to address. With the design build method you get:

  • A single responsible team — there is a teamwork approach rather than conflicting egos and finger pointing.
  • Project costs that are established earlier in the process.
  • Precise and time-saving construction schedules.
  • More innovative solutions to presented issues.
  • Greater control over your project.
  • A more experienced team with a finished product of an incomparable quality.
  • Fewer changes.
  • Improved risk management.
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